Features of voicemail service



Voicemail is an important way to send and receive messages to other users. in addition, when a person is busy with other activities then voice mail is the best way to receive the messages. There is also having several features of the voip phone service voicemail systems which are described in the following paragraphs.

Out dial

The out dial is helpful to transfer the data to another number. Apart from this, voice mail is transferred to send the message to another local pre-programmed number. Moreover, there are some examples to connect with the office or company like leaving a message or pressing zero to connect with the office or business.

Multiple greetings

 Multiple greeting is a feature of voicemail and it had nine different categories of greeting. In addition, the user can also record a regular greeting and also a possible out-of-office greeting in the voicemail. This feature is also had in the voip voicemail service to secure the information.



Distribution list

In this feature of the voicemail user send and forward the message in the distribution list. Apart from this, this system of voicemail also supports the 99 lists of emails that are in audio form.

Automatically forward the information to the distribution list

Mailbox is automatically forwarded to the system with the help of a distribution list. In other words, every message is left in the voice box and forwarded to other users. Most important thing is that you manage the distribution list of the messages because it is more important to manage and it can be mange by telephone and another interface.


Edit message 

 It allows to user to listen to the massage and also re-record the message. At the end of the message, you can also cancel the message because of the edit message. If you want to edit the message then you have to consider the main things of the information which are mentioned in the voicemails.

 Message tagging

When a user leaves the message then also displays the option to tag the message as urgent. With the help of this, the important message will be displayed first. In the field of private approach, messages cannot be forwarded to another person.

Apart from this, in the acknowledgment, after retrieving the message, a notification is sent back to the caller for giving proof of the message.

Record the message for delivery

You also have an option to record the message and then send it in future deliveries. Apart from this, the messages are also stored in the voicemail box insecure manner for future delivery.

 Busy greeting

It is also a feature of recording messages. In which the call is forwarded to the user when the line is busy. After that user can get a voicemail regarding the important business information. In other words, before playing the greeting, you have to ensure the functionality of the cell phone and other computer systems. In addition, voice mail virtual is secure, flexible, and easy to retrieve data from another system.